Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Finnish Deep Sky Section's Deep Sky 600-list

Although I completed the "Deep Sky 600"-list back in May (version 1.004) I haven't had much to say about it. What I had in mind was a list of objects for observers to start after completing the Messier catalogue. Some criteria for the list were that all of the objects have to be:
  • visible from Europe (at least from Canary Islands, 18 declination north)
  • logged by me at least as "beautiful" or "interesting" over the years.
  • visible with a 4 inch telescope and look good in it.
I made a list of 500 objects back in 2010 but decided to drop the declination for another 10 degrees and add 100 more objects. The only problem was that the name and the list "Deep Sky 600" might be associated with "Orion's Deep Map 600" or "DM600". So don't do that. "Deep Sky 600" has no Messier objects in it for a start and most certainly no double/multiple/variable stars.

So in short, the list contains the best of the best (at least in my opinion) down to -50 declination. I'm sure there are many objects in the list that YOU disagree upon but it is simply a list made by guy who found these specific objects worth looking at. Down the line, I might add in more objects down to -90 declination and call it "Deep Sky 1000" if I ever get to see the deep southern sky in my lifetime.

The list can be found here, ordered by constellation: Finnish Deep Sky Section's Deep Sky 600