Thursday, 8 September 2011

California and Arizona - Summa Summarum

Sketching wise the 2.5 half week trip was quite productive. Mistakes were made but also some intentional ones: I deliberately left many, many objects east of Sagittarius to finish on a later date. This can be observed from a more southerly location in the end of November if the weather cooperates. In total, I managed to sketch 135 objects in 11 nights (~12 sketches / night) and in my defence many of these were quite simple open clusters.

Only a couple of asterisms were noted during the sweeps:

HD 152521-group
A group of 40* between magnitudes 6-11 within 25'.

HD 174919-group
A scattered grouping of stars just north of NGC 6716. 40* between magnitudes 7-11. Size 30'.

HD 173837-group
A small concentration of 20 stars between mags 9-12. Elongated in N-S direction.

HD 172948-group
A small concentration of 30* within 20'. Center without stars.

HD 159764-group (ASCC 90)
Concentration of stars NE from NGC 6396. 20* within 30'. Several stars brighter than 11th magnitude. Rediscovery of ASCC 90.

HD 162016
Barely NW from Messier 7. A handful of bright stars within 10'.

TYC 7378-1461-1
S of NGC 6480. V-shaped asterism of 30* within 15' between magnitudes 10-12.

All and all a great trip with beautiful scenery, a lot of driving and exhaustingly long flights. Hopefully I'll get to return to the US sometime in the future for some more star gazing. Regarding the sketches, please be patient. It will take several weeks if not months to finish them all in midst of work, my studies and general laziness. As with the previous La Palma trip, I've added a page showing all sketches made during the trip and will update them as soon as I get the drawings finished and scanned up.