Friday, 4 June 2010

6000 sketches in the Deep Sky Archive

Earlier today yet another magical barrier was broken in our FDSS's (Finnish Deep Sky Section) Deep Sky Archive - 6000 sketches! Being an ass, I decided to be cocky enough to brake the barrier myself by uploading 13 loathly sketches. In my defense, I broke the 5000 sketch barrier too, so I felt that my deed was just! What makes the 6000 sketch barrier even more amazing is that the 5000 mark was broken just few months ago. The credit belongs to Toni Veikkolainen who has uploaded nearly 1000 sketches during the past few months from our old (paper) archive I hold out for many years. Yes, lazy me.

Looking at the statistics of the page it is great to see over 160 000 hits on the page. Number of registered members is still quite low: 213. Many of these are people who haven't even uploaded a single sketch! I was also (gladly) surprised to notice Iiro Sairanen has uploaded 1156 observations to the archive and this doesn't yet include his works from Australia. Surprised mainly because I thought Jere Kahanpää has more than 1000 observations in the archive but seems to have "only" 837. How about me? I'm at 529 observations but the archive has only a small percentage (~20%) of my work uploaded. Always have a good excuse ready!

Congratulations to the entire section. This is a great day. With love, the old director of the Deep Sky Section.