Saturday, 5 June 2010

100 galaxies everyone should see ready

I finally managed to write down all the details and missing coordinates for the latest part of the "everyone should see" catalog. The list features (like the name suggests) 100 galaxies from the northern hemisphere that everyone should see. The list is NOT simply a catalog of the most beautiful galaxies but also a list of "must" objects that every respectable deep sky amateur should take a look at. The full catalog can be located here.

The objects are included based on visual appearance - curious, lovely detail or just simply beautiful - using 8 inch and smaller telescopes as I've experienced them on the eyepiece. These objects are the base of the untitled book I'm currently working on.

Included but why?

1.) IC 10. Member of the Local Group and a lovely obscure galaxy in a rich field.
2.) NGC 4236. Very demanding galaxy but quite rewarding once you get it. More of a "status" object.
3.) NGC 6181. Lovely little galaxy and challenging for hunting the spiral arms.
4.) NGC 3753. Copeland's Septet. Definitely a group everyone should see.
5.) NGC 3172. Polarissima Borealis. Simply because it is the closest NGC to the north celestial pole. A must.

Not included but why?

1.) Messier galaxies. I'm assuming observers already have some experience in deep sky observing so they're not included. Most importantly adding 30 odd Messier galaxies to the list would make the whole list fairly uninteresting and same old same old.
2.) NGC 3384, NGC 3628, NGC 6207. All of these galaxies are next to a bright Messier object so I'm assuming observers have already seen these.