Monday, 28 June 2010

New scanner purchased and some changes

I decided to risk it today and spend €79 on a new scanner without doing any tests beforehand. I would have wanted to test scan some of my drawings before buying a new scanner but there are not many places about where they let you do that and get away with it. So I decided to settle with the EPSON V30.

There is nothing particularly wrong with my nearly a decade old Canon scanner but quite often it fails to capture all of the detail I'm hoping it will. I did a little test run with NGC 2359 (The Duck Nebula / Thor's Helmet) and got some promising results. The new scanner shows more detail as well as a lot more smoother version of the nebulosity - like it is supposed to. Here's an example. Click the image for a larger version.

Also to another matter and that is the old IPS. This service provided me with 500 megs of disk space for my homepages but due to ISP changes at my parent's house the is closing down. If this is the case, the entire content of the homepages and of course the images, drawings and whatnot will no longer be available. As I have no interest in doing it all over again, this blog and all resources @ will close.